05 May 2008

Eastward, ho. Wait, that doesn't sound right....

It's official--I'm going to Zagreb in a few weeks. I'll probably stay for a week. Now I need to make my travel plans, which involve important questions such as: Do I want a 22-hour layover in Paris? and Which knitting project shall I take along for the trip? and Can I squeeze in a side trip to Trieste? and What do I need to do to get the household shipshape for my absence? and What kind of compensation is Hubby likely to demand in exchange for abandoning him with the Things and pets during his busiest month at work? and Are there any yarn stores in Zagreb?

We finished Buffy last weekend. I'm going to miss it. No more shirtless vampires. Of course, we now have 5 seasons of Angel to watch, and since I never watched that series during its original run, that'll be fun.

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