11 May 2008

Swimmin' Lizards!

I fished this little guy (girl?) out of the pool yesterday. He is sceloporous occidentalis biseriatus--the San Joaquin Fenze Lizard. Pretty little thing. I didn't get a good shot of his back, but his belly is his best feature anyway. He was cold and tired, but I put him in a nice sunny spot, and after 30 minutes or so he was looking much perkier. So I put him back in the garden. Hopefully, he'll forego more swimming.


Robin's Reports said...

What a gorgeous lizard. My boys will be so jealous that you have something besides green or brown.

Knatolee said...

OOoooh! Lovely lizard! So glad you rescued him. :)

eve said...

What a beauty!! he/she has a wonderful belly!

How are you??