02 June 2008

Dobar dan!

You'll notice that my Croatian vocabulary has doubled. I can say thank you, too: hvala. I spent most of today at the university, but did manage a short walk toward the central square. I managed to buy things at a few stores successfully. I'm always amazed at the staggering array of juices and soft drinks that they sell in European countries. I took a guess on what a few were based on the illustrations, and I've been enjoying them so far. My Dean, who was here in the winter, loaned me her cell phone (mine won't work here) and I managed to buy a phone card and add credit to my account, even though the instructions were in Croatian. And I sent two text messages, which I have managed to get this far in my life without ever doing before.

I like Zagreb so far. Reminds me of Budapest. People here drive crazy, though, all in their little French hatchbacks.

Someone important must be staying at my hotel, because there's been a large police detail out front all day. Wonder who it is?

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Angela said...

Have fun Phyllis! Have you learned the Croation word for St. Bernard yet? :-)