10 June 2008

Pictures from Zagreb

I made it home and am mostly recovered from jetlag. I had a tight connection at Charles de Gaulle, which is possibly the most annoying airport I've flown through, but I made it. Somewhat regrettably, since I wouldn't have minded a day in Paris. Oh well, it's good to be home. So here are a few images from my trip.

This is Tkalciceva Ulica (pronounced Tkalchichayva Oolitsa), a long pedestrian street lined with cafes and shops. I had espresso at a couple of these cafes.

And here's another street in the Upper Town, in the rain.

This is the view from the funicular.

This is Lotrscak Tower (there are supposed to be marks over the s and c, but darn if I know how to do that on Blogger). It's at the top of the hill over the funicular, and it's 900 years old. It's where they shoot a cannon every day at noon. And when they do, every dog in Zagreb barks.

And this is a statue of Josip Jelacic (Yosep Yellacheech), a governor of Croatia who fought the Hungarian empire in 1848. The statue is is Ban Jelacic Trg, Zagreb's main square (and that's a beer tent or something set up next to it). The statue was built in 1866, and Jelacic's sword faced north, toward Hungary. It was taken down in 1947, when Croatia became part of Yugoslavia and the Communists didn't approve. In the early 1990's, Croatia gained independence and the statue was re-installed. But now the statue faces south, toward Bosnia. Ya gotta love Balkan politics.


Connordog said...

Glad you are back! And I have to agree that CDG is a VERY frustrating airport, especially to make a connection in!

Knatolee said...

Ooooooo! Gorgeous pictures!

Welcome home.

dephal said...

My favorite part at CDG was when I went through security, and the guy asked me (in English) whether I spoke French. I can manage a little, but decided it was easier to just say no. At which point he just waved me on through. I wonder what he'd have done with me if I'd admitted I could speak a bit of French?