03 June 2008

More from Zagreb

So I spent this morning at an institution for kids with behavior problems, which was very interesting. Still no time to sightsee, though I saw quite a bit of the city today from busses and trams. I'm finding myself liking Zagreb quite a bit. It's not at all touristy, which is nice. I guess the coast is really the tourist destination in Croatia.

One funny thing happened this afternoon. We were walking down the street, and a group of teenage girls heard us chatting and decided to try out their English on me. They managed a few phrases, and then threw out some Spanish for good measure. Apparently, telenovelas are popular here.

Angela, I haven't learned yet how to say Saint Bernard in Croatian. :-) I did see an actual Dalmatian today (Dalmatia is in Croatia)--well, two, actually, because one of the people I met today was from Dalmatia.

The police detail at my hotel yesterday was for the national football team. They're on their way to Austria for some competition. They must be a quiet group, because I never heard them.

Right now we're having a really good thunderstorm. I got back to my hotel just in time. I guess I won't be taking a stroll this evening.

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