04 December 2008

December 4

The end of the semester joy continues. I have 37 twenty-page term papers sitting on my desk, and the damn grading fairies have not yet come to do their work!

So of course my mind is thinking ahead, to travel. I'll be off to Poland in just over a month. I may get a chance while I'm there to visit the town where my grandfather was born. That would be pretty cool. Well, and cool is probably the operant word here. I've got my scarves and boots and things all lined up, though.

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Mim said...

Happy end of the semester. I remember those days, fondly, actually. Nah, just kidding. I'm happy now that I teach at the Museum Studio School and we don't have to grade the students. Yay! Anyway, enjoy it when it does end, and have a nice December.