20 December 2008

Meet Mick

Some of you have apparently known about this since early November and have done a really good job of keeping your mouths shut.

We went to Sacramento today to order my Mini. And look what was waiting for me:

Hubby ordered it 8 weeks ago and kept it a secret until today. My whole family knew. Everyone at Hubby's work knew. The entire Mini and BMW dealership staff in Sacramento knew. Hubby isn't usually a secrets guy and the last time he really floored me was when he proposed to me over 20 years ago. This was a doozy. :-)

He even decorated it:

And he drove the 100 miles home with the kids in my old car, and I had much quieter company, also supplied by Hubby:

Hubby had also planned ahead and brought an appropriate CD for me to listen to on the ride home: the Sex Pistols. And I listened to it twice because I couldn't figure out how to switch to the radio while I was driving on the freeway.
I think Hubby's a keeper. And Mick is way, way fun. Here it is in our driveway:

I have to say, it's a pretty good Hanukkah present. :-)


Mim said...

Happy Chanukah, indeed. What a really really sweet thing to do. Yup, he's a keeper, all right. Enjoy your new car. It's adorable. If it'd been available in 1999 I've have gotten it instead of a new Beetle. Oh yes, your companion is pretty cute, too. Thanks for sharing this lovely event with us.

Knatolee said...

What a fantastic surprise, and I love the colours!! :) And I'm jealous that you got to ride with Spike.

Happy Chanukah to all of you. Did you take the girls for a spin yet?

dephal said...

Thanks, Mim and Knat! :-)

Yesterday afternoon we were standing in the driveway with the neighbors, admiring Mick, when their 3-year-old commented with approval that I mathced the car. I tend to wear a lot of red and black, so I guess Mick and I will be color-coordinated.

Connordog said...

Very nice!!!

jmkizer said...

Awesome! What a neat car and a great family too.

Knatolee said...

I LOVE the colours red and black!!
I just showed your car to Gordon and he is well impressed.

dephal said...

Maybe Gordon needs to give YOU a surprise!