22 July 2006

Can You Say "Global Warming?"

What's really depressing was that this wasn't even quite our high temp today--it actually topped out at 112.9.

We keep our thermostat set at 80, but as you can see, our poor A/C can't quite keep up with these temps.


On a totally different note, I don't know whether I ever posted a pic of my brilliant decorating idea. This is one of the walls in my study:

The pictures you see are actually postcards, and the frames were about $1 each. The postcards are from my own travels, and also my friends' and family's. They come from 4 different continents (if anybody wants to send me one from Africa, Australia, or Antartica, I'd be very pleased!!) and 12 countries. I like the juxtaposition of one from Spokane next to one from India. My whole study is decorated in a bit of a travel theme, so this was a perfect idea. And my darling hubby did all the measuring and hanging. :-)

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lizzy said...

hey! sorry i'm posting here. i had trouble posting back at the GYS post. anyway, thanks for the reply. :) well i'm a grad student in english so anything related to that will be really awesome. :) e-mail me? we'll work this out.