04 July 2006

Gimme Your Stuff

Gimme Your Stuff

On someone else's blog (I forget whose) I found a link to Gimme Your Stuff. Sounds fun! I'm in California's Central Valley, and I can offer:

  • snack foods, such as flavored almonds or chocolate
  • other foods from the area (jams? honey? olive oil?)
  • knitting magazines
  • a variety of kinds of yarn
  • stuff with the logo of my local university (California State University, Stanislaus)
  • other stuff from northern California (Yosemite, San Francisco...)
  • books
  • local magazines or newspapers

What I'd like:

  • snack food or candy from countries other than US
  • Curly Wurly bars!
  • souvenir snow globes or floaty pens from anywhere
  • yarn
  • any decorative item unique to a particular area
  • children's picture books in languages other than English


lizzy said...

i would love to trade some snacks and kids book from singapore for a couple books. :) check out my blog!

Alvina said...

Hi Phyllis!

I just saw your swap in Gimme Your Stuff and was wondering if you would like to swap with me :) I'm Alvina from Singapore. I can get candies and even the children's books in another language for you of if you like Japanese craft books, I can get that from a Japanese bookstore as well. Lets have fun swapping! Looking forward to your reply.

cake&pie said...

Hi! I would love to swap with you. What would you like me to send? Orrrrr.....actually, i'll just get something together and send you it! I'd love some snacky things, almonds sound amazing....I'm a primary school teacher, so if your kids would like to send anything for the kids I teach, feel free!

My email is sputnitchka (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


dephal said...

Hi, Alvina and Liz! Liz, I've just emailed you. Alvina, I'd love to swap. Can you please email me at dephalqu[at]yahoo.com, or else post your email address so I can get hold of you? Thanks!

kurogoma said...

Hi, I chanced upon your blog from the Gimme Your Stuff website. I will love to swap with someone from California! Do let me know if you will like to swap with me?


Anonymous said...

Hey Phyllis!

I'm Jody from sunny Singapore and I'd really love to swap with you! I can get chocolates and candies, children's books and maybe even toys! (:

Do drop me a comment at http://celebrationguns.blogspot.com or email me at jo.symphonizer@gmail.com if you're interested! Thanks!

Take care,

MELISSA said...

hello! i'm MELISSA from singapore~ & i would love love love to swap with you.
i can get Candy and snacks for you! real yummmy candies! chocolates if you love! :p Fabrics are love! so i'll definitely send love over to you. i can also get japanese magazines for you from our japanese stall in singapore!



see me at http://justmeand-you.blogspot.com/
& get em at ng.melissa90@gmail.com


kareenvexa said...

i would love to swap with you! i'm kareenvexa from the Philippines. i have alot of things you might enjoy from little things to everythings! i am most interested in a few "indie" novels. e-mail me if you are interested: kaleidofiction@yahoo.com. happy swapping! may good boxes fill you with good smiles! -by me

Jo said...

Hi, Would u like to swap with me? I'm living in Shanghai, but I'm actually from Singapore (where you've already done a few swaps).

You can take a look at my blog http://blabberingjo.livejournal.com and email me at jo_is_blabbering@hotmail.com


charlene said...

i'm charlene from Singapore. =) i'm new here but not featured at gimmeyourstuff yet. i'm interested in the items that u can offer and at the same time, i'm able to get the stuff that u'd love to receive. i understand that you've done a few swaps with some singaporeans but please do visit my blog at http://justgimmegimmegimme.blogspot.com and leave a comment! hope to hear from you soon. cheers!

boubouille said...

Would you be interested in doing a swap with a girl who lives in france?

Anonymous said...

Hey Phyllis!
Greetings from the Land of roses - Bulgaria!
Just wondering if you'd like to receive some beautiful and unique things from here?I've been swapping for 8 years and I simply love making others happy!
Would love to hear from you!Mail me at maggie_vasileva@yahoo.com
Take care and keep smiling!

Chiara said...

i'd really like to swap with you!let me know if you're interested.Just mail me kiarolla-.-@hotmail.it or visit my blog http://ilgiardinodelpolipo.spaces.live.com/?_c11_blogpart_blogpart=blogview&_c=blogpart&partqs=amonth%3d1%26ayear%3d2007

yanee said...

hi i'd like to do swaps from singapore? here's my list of what i can offer! http://yanee.livejournal.com/54480.html
do leave me a comment if you're interested. thanks :)

lemonade said...

hey..I'm lemonade from India..! and i'd love to swap with you..!
Visit me here and if ur still interested..mail me..! Bye..! :)

MIUMIU said...

Hi, im miumiu from Malaysia. R u interested for a swap? I can get u some childrens books in Malay language, and other Asian stuffs as well. Do leave me a message at dzulizia@gmail.com if interested ya?


inx said...

hello. i would really love to swap with you.

please email me :)