17 July 2006


Thing 2's room has an underwater theme. I recently decided it was missing a vital component: a treasure chest. So I bought a plain wood one at Michaels, which I stained, painted, and bejewelled:

I even glued an assortment of treasure to the inside:

I'm particularly happy about the jewels inside the box. They were actually part of a set of pool-diving toys, but hubby banished them from the pool because they kept jamming the pool vacuum. I'm happy to have found a good home for them. Thing 2 hasn't seen the completed project yet, but she was very excited to see it in progress yesterday.

While I was gluing and glittering last night, hubby was finishing painting the kitchen. We're both pleased with how it came out. I'm not sure how well the color will show up in this picture; it's a light terra cotta color called "chimenea". Next job will be the living room (which has 20 foot ceilings--should be interesting!).

And, on a completely different note, and via Boing Boing, they have some interesting ice cream flavors in Hungary. And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I happened to be visiting Budapest 4 years ago when I first became aware of Thing 2's existence (thanks to a nasty case of morning sickness plus temperatures hovering around 43 degrees Celsius).


sibtigre2 said...

Beautiful treasure box!! I love it!

I love the color of the kitchen too! Have fun painting the living room! I can so sympathize! At least you have help. I ended up painting my whole house (all 1472 square feet of it) by myself. :)

Lauren and Bodhi said...

Hey! My kitchen is that same color! I'm forever making curtains in a green leaf pattern to go on the balcony door in that room.

-Lauren and Bodhi, who doesn't help with sewing.