17 July 2006

A Good Day

So I went to Petaluma today, and I got to visit a new yarn store and an old favorite.

The new shop is Philato, and it's in downtown Petaluma. It's a pretty tiny store, but the owner was extremely friendly, her daughter was cute, the other customer in the store was holding a sweet tiny dog, and the yarn that Philato does carry is very nice. I spotted Lorna's Laces, Art Yarns, Noro, and something made from corn. I finally came away with some Lite Lopi.

The old favorite is Knitterly, which is also in downtown Petaluma, just a couple blocks away. It had moved since I visited last. As always, the employees were very nice. With enormous effort, I restrained myself from buying some of the lovely angora that was sitting near the door, so tempting....I did, however, get a pair of long bamboo size 9s to replace the broken one.

While in Petaluma, I also managed a visit to Copperfields bookstore and Jungle Vibes, lunch at Hallie's, and the company of a good friend. It was a good day, even though it was something like 100 degrees out, and A/C is scarce there.

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