04 May 2006

Finally, an FO

I finally finished the scarf last night, subtitles notwithstanding. The pattern is from Knit Scarves! and it uses Colinette Prism. I used the colorway called Cinnamon. I love this yarn--the colors are complex and beautiful and the yarn itself is very soft. Between the yarn itself and the slipstitch pattern, the resulting fabric looks and feels more woven than knitted:

which isn't a bad thing at all. The fabric lays very flat as well; no curling at all. I'm pleased with the scarf, which I will have the opportunity to wear in another 6 months or so.


Knatolee said...

Oh!!!! THis is gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love it!

dephal said...

Thanks, Knat! It's kind of nice to get such a fancy effect for relatively little effort.

Tina said...

Great job. This is really beautiful!

Tina J.

dephal said...

Thank you, Tina!