28 May 2006

More Pincushions

I've completed a couple more pincushions. The one on the right is in memory of one of my favorite bands. The very first Ramones record I bought (yes, record, as in vinyl--this was back in high school) was Road to Ruin. One of the tracks on that record is, of course, "Needles and Pins."

The cushion on the left can be used for voodoo purposes. And because the idea came from Knatolee, it's also reversible:
I discovered a couple things while searching for suitable photos online for the Patriotic Voodoo pincushion. 1. There are many more pictures available of our Fearless Leader, I suppose in part because we've been graced with his presence for longer. 2. While Stephen Harper makes silly faces, and has been photographed at barbecues and wearing a regrettable western outfit, he lacks the Bush's unique ability to emulate a chimpanzee. And Bush smirks way better, too. 3. It's nearly impossible to find a full-length picture of these men. Perhaps they have no legs. Or maybe they just don't want us to see their tails....


Knatolee said...

Darlin', these are BEYOND FANTASTIC!!!!!! I am SO impressed (not to mention laughing my ass off.) I think you could make a mint off these.

Of course, my Harper pincushion would have one sticking right through his eye!

Anonymous said...

PERFECT! What a brilliant idea. And I agreewith Knat, you could earn big bucks selling these. Think of the money you could earn for charity - or for yarn! Although I suppose if you were to do it solely for Americans, it would be best to put Cheney on the flip side.
The Other Phyllis

dephal said...

Love the Cheney idea!

And it's nice to know that if academia fails me, I can always turn to living off of pincushions.