05 May 2006

Shameless Boasting

Please excuse the crappy lighting on these pictures. I just finished my new project tonight, and I'm too inordinately pleased with myself to wait until daylight to take pictures of the results. So, what have we here? Pincushions. The other day, it occured to me (probably when I should have been thinking about grading papers) that most pincushions are pretty or cutesy. I've been using a tomato pincushion since I was a teenager. But given the inherent danger of pins, not to mention the general quality of my sewing, shouldn't pincushions look a bit more dangerous?

So there we go: Lethal Pincushions. They're made of felt from Michaels, acrylic batting, and Perle thread. The ideas and designs, I am happy to say, were mine (didn't I tell you I was pleased with myself?). But! That's not all! Lethal Pincushions deserve Lethal Pins. Thus:

The technique for making Shrinky-Dink pins is from Wee Wonderfuls. Aren't Shrinky-Dinks a wonderful thing? The idea and design were mine again. And also:

You have to understand: unlike some of you, I have limited artistic skill. Sure, I can be inspired, but my execution is often lacking. This is one of the few times when idea + execution (an appropriate term here) came together perfectly. Plus, the materials are cheap, and the whole project took only a few hours. And I got to introduce Thing 1 to the Wonderful World of Shrinky-Dinks.

Isn't life grand?

I have one other additional idea for a pincushion that must be made, but I dunno when I'll have time to make it. Work calls.


Knatolee said...

I just about spat my tea on my keyboard.

These are FANTASTIC!!! You know, you could sell these. They are totally original and really fun. I hate those damn tomato pincushions. These I would actually enjoy using.

Hey, and how about VOODOO pincushions? You could transfer the face of your hated one onto the pincushion form and stick pins in it all day!

Oh, oh, and what about "W" pincushions?!?!?! For politically-annoyed seamstresses!

Melissa said...

Most excellent!

dephal said...

Thanks! :-)

Looovvve the idea of W pincushions!

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, you're scaring me! Phyllis

dephal said...

Phyllis, that's what they all say...[cue maniacal laughter]