23 May 2006

Spreading Joy

My darling hubby decided that this time of year was perfect to escape to Las Vegas for 4 days with his buddies. Because, you know, I don't have anything at all to do right now and I love driving 60 miles roundtrip twice a day to take Thing 2 to preschool, not to mention being sole cook/maid/mediator/chauffeur/laundress/tutor/entertainer/disciplinarian for both Things.

I was going to take another picture of the pitifully large stack of term papers I have left to grade, so you could all feel sorry for me, but hubby has the camera. So you'll just have to take my word for it. So now, instead, I shall vent about the following:
  • students who enroll in a class with 73 people in it, take an essay exam, and then check with me 20 minutes later to see if I've graded their tests yet
  • students who ask me when the final exam is even though I told them at least 6 times and wrote it on the board twice, and it's published in the course schedule
  • students who come crying to me because they've been caught cheating on a test (duh--when your instructor's a former police chief, maybe he knows something about catching wrongdoers)
  • administrators who think the end of May is a good time to give department chairs projects with May 31 deadlines
  • administrators who think the end of May is a good time to have extra meetings
  • tech support people who can't tell you why the outgoing email isn't working or when it will work again
  • colleagues who act like kindergarteners
  • people who leave voicemail messages with unintelligible return phone numbers

Okay, I feel much better now.

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Knatolee said...

A Curly Wurly would help ease your pain!