17 May 2006

Yay for Hot Weather!

The Things can get back in the pool! Why is this a good thing? Because they can play nicely for a long time while I grade papers at a patio table nearby. Because it amuses them forever--no more "I'm bored!" Because they come out of the pool exhausted. Because when misbehavior is imminent, I can threaten to remove pool privileges, and the misbehavior evaporates.

Yesterday the water looked so inviting that I joined Thing1 in the pool. But then I felt guilty because I wasn't grading things. So I grabbed my clippers and started trimming back some of the plants that grow behind (and often over) the pool wall. You can see one of the lavenders in the picture here, pre-trimming. I have to tell you, there are few better ways to spend an afternoon than shoulder-deep in cool water, arms buried in lavender, and relatively guilt-free because even if you're not making headway on grading, you're at least accomplishing something that needs to be done. The water was 80 degrees yesterday and it felt great. Too bad I can't grade or knit while in the pool as well.


Knatolee said...

My oh my,now THAT looks inviting (and the Things are adorable!) I could do with a little lavender-trimming pooltime right now.

I see no reason why you can't grade papers in the pool.

Anonymous said...

I am very jealous of your pool time. It's not exactly pool weather in my neck of the woods yet!

-your secret pal

dephal said...

Hi, Secret Pal! You won't be so jealous when it's a hundred zillion degrees here and we're all longing for a tiny wisp of cloud cover.

As for grading in the pool, well I guess maybe next time I can require them to turn in their assignments in waterproof ink on tyvek.