27 June 2006

Frozen goodness

Still not quite done with that sock.

But in consideration of our current heat wave, here's what I did make:

The glop on the left is cinnamon-chocolate ice cream. Thing 1 chose the flavor, and it's pretty good. The glop on the right, though, was my choice, and it's to die for. It's blueberry-lemon sour cream ice cream, from a recent issue of Sunset. I know, it doesn't have those 2 major food groups, chocolate or caramel. But it does have 3 others: fresh blueberries, lemon, and sour cream. I could gorge on this stuff. But hey, it's healthy, right? All those antioxidants? And calcium?

I love ice cream makers.

Oh, and I finished another book today, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. I love this book. One of the funniest I've read in a long time, but also sad and insightful.


Knatolee said...

Okay, you're inspiring me to get out hte ice cream maker.

And hey, that "Tractors" book is on the reading list on my blog. I recommended it to my librarian and she loved it. I herad about it on BBC radio (internet) a while back.

dephal said...

If you do get the ice cream maker out, and if you like blueberries, you must make this recipe.

I hadn't noticed that book on your blog. Great minds think alike!