08 June 2006

Sock's Done

So I finally finished the sock. When you look at it like this, it looks like I have deformed feet or something. I don't. They're just not very big (size 5 1/2) so the foot section of the sock is short. One of the nice things about knitting my own socks is that they actually fit! No bunching up by the heel or around the toes.

Now, of course this means I have to start the second sock. Is there any harder thing to begin than a second sock? Too bad wildly mismatched footwear isn't stylish, so we could all get away with knitting single socks.

On an unrelated note, I'm leaving this weekend for a roadtrip, complete with Things and Ruthie. Oh what fun! I'll try to blog, but doubt I'll be able to post pictures; my Kodak seems to get cranky when away from its home computer.


Knatolee said...

LOVE the sock! Your feet aren't deformed. They're just miniature!!

She of the size-10 tootsies.

dephal said...

Well, and one good thing about mini feet if socks take less yar5n and less time to make!

Dipsy said...

Such a gorgeous sock, I love the pattern and the colors! Fantastic work! Do have fun at your road trip!