21 June 2006

Wednesday Stuff

The second sock is coming along slowly. I'm glad I'me working on something small and light like socks, because the temp's supposed to hit 106 here by Saturday. True, we have air conditioning, but still, even the thought of 106 makes me sweat.

While I was in Portland, I learned of a new yarn called "Meditation", by Skacel. It's infused with lavender scent so you get aromatherapy while you knit, and the scent is supposed to last through 40 washes. It's a pretty ribbon yarn. WEBS carries it, so I'm thinking I may need to give it a try, maybe for a sort of plain sleeveless shell. Plus, I understand Austermann makes a sock yarn infused with jojoba and aloe.

Thing 1 continues to amaze me with her ability to ask difficult questions in the car. Yesterday during a 15 minute drive she managed to ask:

  • Is there such thing as God?
  • Why don't some people believe in God?
  • Was he the first person?
  • Did he create the universe?
  • Did he pour that stuff into space that makes you float?

[At this point I explained the concept of gravity]

  • Did God make gravity?
  • Is gravity in the middle of the planet?
  • What's the biggest planet in the universe?
  • Is Pluto the smallest planet?
  • What would happen if she jumped up on Pluto?
  • Why isn't earth the biggest planet?

Maybe I'm inadequate as a parent, but I found it a bit taxing to navigate in traffic while teaching theology, psychology, physics, and astronomy to a 6 year old.

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Knatolee said...

My favourite comment:

"Did he pour that stuff into space that makes you float?"

I love kids! Their minds are so open and creative. :)