13 June 2006

Still on Vacation

I've visited 3 yarn stores in the last 2 days. Two of them were old favorites: Yarn Garden and Northwest Wools. The third was new to me. It's called Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks, and it's very nice. Big space, good selection, nice people. There's a cafe there, too.

And today Ruthie got to run with 2 Irish Wolfhounds. It's not often that a Saint Bernard looks petite, but she did today! The dogs had a really good time together.

Later, we made a trip to my favorite bookstore, Powell's. It was just the Beaverton one, not the main one downtown, but still a treat, and I still found plenty of books I had to have.


Knatolee said...

OOoh, I am jealous! I wish I were visiting yarn stores instead of cleaing my stove in preparation for selling our house!!

I haven't knit in weeks. I intend to catch up on our househunting trip in July!

dephal said...

Gee, yarn shopping or stove cleaning....which sounds like more fun???

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't knit all week, either.