23 June 2006

Global warming schwarming

Yesterday it only got up to 104.5, but as you can see, we've topped that today:

And it's not supposed to get any cooler for several days at least. And what do you do when you're a Saint Bernard and temps top the century mark?

Go for a bit of a dip, of course! Actually, the pool is about the only way I can persuade Ruthie to momentarily leave the air conditioned comfort of the house. And yes, we have an actual in-ground pool, but she can't quite get up her courage to step in.


Knatolee said...

And here I was, feeling all hard done by cuz it's 95F here!

I love the shot of Ruthie in the pool!

dephal said...

95 in BC is pretty miserable, I bet. At least ehre most people have AC; I'm guessing they don't up your way.