17 June 2006

We're baaaaack!

We survived our vacation, and now I can blog with pictures again.

Here's my yarn haul from the trip. Up top is mohair from Farmhouse Knit Shop's own label. Then from left to right, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, 2 colorways of Socks That Rock, Knit One Crochet Two 2nd Time Cotton, 2 colors of Himalayan Yarn Tibet (rayon), and 2 colors of Lanaknits Hemp for Knitting.

Now, be warned: below are non-knitting-related vacation pictures.

First we see Ruthie enjoying the garden with Herby, my parents' corgi puppy.

Herby loooooooves Ruthie!!
And here's an impressive sight: a Saint Bernard and two Irish Wolfhounds. For the first time in her life, Ruthie looked petite. Thing 2. I have no explanation for this picture. And this is at Enchanted Forest. Too bad you can't rent the cage by the hour....

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Knatolee said...

OH, these pictures are GREAT! I am jealous of your wool. I laughed out loud at the petite Ruthie. Ruthie and Herbie are so cute. And the THings are always adorable!