30 June 2006

Laundry Discoveries

Last night I did Thing 2's laundry. Afterward, here's what I found at the bottom of the washing machine (except the quarter, which is just there for a scale reference). I don't know what the greenish things are--some kind of fruit or nut, I guess. It could be worse--sometimes she puts things in my purse without telling me.


Lauren and Bodhi said...

They look like... quinipas. They're little fruit. Break the skin with your teeth (wash 'em first though) and inside should be a seed covered with a soursweet creamy flesh. Suck the flesh off the seed and throw the rest away.

My friend from Puerto Rico introduced me to them. Tasty. I'd break one open with a knife first (or ask Miss Thing what it is and where it came from).

dephal said...

Quinipas sounds good! I cut into one of these, though, and it turned out to be just an immature orange. I suspect she found them at preschool/