25 June 2007


So where did I go yesterday that was better than doughnuts? Better than naughty doughnuts? Black Sheep Gathering, which was held in Eugene last weekend. I came away with several skeins of yarn, a hankering to learn to spin, and a long mental list of all the kinds of sheep Knatolee needs to get for her new farm. Shetlands are petite and come in lots of colors and have really sweet faces, Navajo-Churros have nifty horns and also come in many colors, Ramboullets are big with soft soft noses, and of course Merinos have such lovely fleece. Then there are the goats--and I actually prefer goats to sheep, personality-wise--the cashmeres and the angoras and the pygoras. Knatolee, you need some of each!

Today we went to the Oregon Zoo, which is a really nice one. We spent about 3 hours there but didn't see everything because Thing2 got cranky and had a meltdown over pretty much nothing. So we left. The whole way to the car, she was crying piteously, "Mommy! I'm sorry! I promise I'll be good! I don't want to leave. I'm sad!!" I am a mean, mean Mommy.


Kelly said...

Glad you had good time at the Black Sheep Gathering!

Kim said...

From yesterday's mysteriousness and today's blog post title, I thought you were bringing home some critters!

eve said...

You can't and don't have to be always a good mother ;-)

The black sheep sounds like fun.

Knatolee said...

Our friend here has Shetlands and I really like them, and there is a Shetland breeder just around the corner from the new farm. BUT I am very interested in the rarer breeds and someone just sent me an article on Navajo-Churros, which I have tucked away in my farm folder for future reference.

Incidentally, I'm naming all my farm animals after my friends' kids (so I won't be slaughtering any of them!!!!). My friends have a lot of kids. I think I will have to break it to Gordon that we'll be needing a lot of animals.

I suppose it could get difficult if, say, THings 1 and 2 had sheep named after them, and the sheep succumbed to, say, the bubonic sheep plague or somehing.

Robin's Reports said...

It sounds like T1, T2 and you are having a pretty good vacation together. I think you make a great Benevolent Dictator. Can't please all the little people all the time.

Have fun.