02 June 2007

Experiments in Self-Dentistry

Last night Thing 1 got to stay up late. Shortly after I sent her upstairs to bed, about 9:30, we heard a bunch of running going on up there, accompanied by a couple of screeches. As Hubby went to inviestigate, T1 came running down the stairs, blood dripping out of her mouth. She was squealing and jumping around, all while shouting unintelligibly. She was like the star of a bad horror movie. We realized the problem was probably not zombieism, but rather a very loose tooth she'd been sporting. Hubby and my Mom ushered her to the bathroom to rinse her mouth while I went to get a piece of ice to pry out the tooth. But by the time I got the ice, the tooth had fallen out already.

Once most of the blood was gone and T1 felt capable of normal speech, she informed us that the tooth had been bothering her so she'd punched herself in the mouth.

This is why many parents age prematurely.

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KarmasKreations said...

Sometimes I can't believe I'm related to Thing 1! That was, umm.... very creative of her. Glad I wasn't there for all the excitement, I would have passed out when I saw her bleeding!