21 June 2007


We're having a great time in Portland, where even the weather has been cooperative so far. We've visited 2 of my favorite yarn stores--Knit Purl and Yarn Garden. We tried to visit a third, but it was closed that day, so we'll have to try again later. Knit Purl is just a couple blocks from a wonderful new store called Cacao. Cacao has over 200 expensive chocolate bars in every imaginable flavor (I cam home with, among others, an earl grey bar and one with curry and coconut) as well as hot and cold drinking cholcolates. The owner was very nice, and clearly passionate and knowledgable about chocolate. Powell's Books--aka Booklover's Mecca--is also only a couple blocks away, making these this about my favorite 4 square blocks on the planet.

Thing 1 has been attending camp this week. Most days they're just doing day trips, but last night they did a sleepover at the coast. She went whale watching and tidepooling and caught crabs and made s'mores, but when I asked her what her favorite part was, she answered, "When I saw a squirrel!"

Thing 2, meanwhile, has been going shopping with us. The other day, T2, me, my Mom, and my sister were in a great store called Collage. My sister had wandered to the other end of the (small) store when T2 said, "Oh no! We lost one!" I asked her what we'd lost and she said, "The other one!" I asked, "The other what?" and she replied, "The other grownup!" She was very relieved to find her aunt a few moments later.

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