04 June 2007

Speaking of swaps...

I was Eve's spoiler for Secret Pal 9, and then, because she lives in Switzerland and she's a wonderful person, she sent me some Saint postcards, a Saint calendar, and a really cute knitting needle case. So we decided to do a swap, and today I received my package from her!

Sorry for the cruddy picture. Hubby has absconded to Las Vegas with the camera, so all I have is my camera phone. There are 3 balls of sock yarn, cute fabrics, lots and lots of candies, postcards, a very pretty pincushion, and a genuine Swiss Saint Bernard. Thank you, Eve!! Eve's package will be on its way to her shortly; I'm awaiting a shipment first from (hint! hint!) Reprodepot.

1 comment:

eve said...

I'm really glad you like the package and hope, the things love the sweets as well.
Have a wonderful day