14 June 2007

Old pictures

In lieu of any finished knitting project to show, Knatolee has inspired me to post some old pictures. Here's me in 1971, at the same age Thing 2 is now:

Note the plastic barrette in my hair. I once had a traumatic bunkbed-related incident involving those plastic barrettes. Now, here's me at about Thing 1's age:

There's so much going on in this picture to love. There's the peace symbol, of course (it was 1974). There are the lovely 1970's curtains and the mustardy wall color. There's my outfit, which was not a school uniform, but did involve a tie. And there's the spotted lump in the background, which was Otis, who appears to have been supervising some cookie-making.

In the next picture I'm 16 and have just started my first real job:

I can still remember how the smell of grease clung to that lovely, scratchy polyester.

And finally, not to hog the limelight, here's Hubby, circa 1973:

Does that kid look like the bane of any 3rd grade teacher or what?

And any family members who may be reading this entry: I am now accepting cash in order to keep me from posting your old pictures, too!


Nancy said...

Great shots. Thanks for sharing them!

ruthie said...

Very nice pics Phyllis! Thanks for the happy b-day wishes for Romeo, we had a great day :-)

Knatolee said...

Hahahahaha! These are GREAT. Hubby looks like hell on wheels. I LOVE the McDonald's outfit. My Hubby worked there when he was 16. He lasted three weeks. He has been a civil servant every since! :)

You were such a cute kid. I see a lot of you in the Things.

That peace sign one is excellent. I swear we had curtains like that too...