26 July 2007

Chickens and Lizards

California's Central Valley is one of the world's major agricultural areas. Most of those ag products end up getting transported on Highway 99, which links all the valley's major cities from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Consequently, it's not unusual to encounter lost produce along the highway. I've seen tomatoes, peaches, melons, garlic, cotton bolls, onions, almonds, sugar beets, and bales of hay. There was the time a train traveling along the tracks that parallel the highway sprang a leak in one of its freight cars, leading to several miles of spilled feed corn and several days of avian feeding frenzy. There was--one of my personal favorite road disasters--the overturned truck full of beehives. Today was a new one, though. Someone lost part of his load of large feather-filled plastic bags. For almost two miles, we had a blizzard of chicken feathers. Even once we got past the site of the spill, there was a constant flurry because an oblivious woman ahead of me had managed to get one of the bags wedged under her car. After I reached my destination, I found a souvenir lodged in my wheel-well.

Also, it's been a while, but I finally finished another Lizard Ridge block. This is #13, so I'm now over halfway there.

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