15 July 2007

Plague Scarf

FInally, I have a new FO, the Berry Berry Bubble Scarf. Both pattern and handpainted mohair are from Blue Moon. I prefer to think of it as the Berry Bubonic Scarf, first because the bubbles resemble buboes, and second because making it rather plagued me. It's a zillion rows of boring stockinette and 3x3 rib, knitted on size 4 needles, and using really fluffy sticky mohair. Then you have to attach lots and lots of little wooden balls using rubber bands, felt the thing, and then remove the lots and lots of little wooden balls and rubber bands. It is fun and funky looking, though, the yarn feels light and yummy, and I like the colors. Of course, it was 97 degrees today, so I'm clearly not going to be wearing this anytime soon.
Unfortunately, and quite by accident, I recently discovered this site. I warn you now, if you treasure your slumber time at all, do NOT visit this site at 10pm when you have to get up at 6 the next morning. You've been warned.


Emily said...

Hey, thanks, I LOVE Boggle. :)
Love the scarf too.

Kelly said...

Sounds like the scarf was a lot of work but worth it! It's beautiful!