05 July 2007


Today's entry will be varied. First off, pictures of the knitting project I made while in Portland.

Behold the world's biggest hat! Herby was impressed. Here's what it looked like after felting:

The pattern is from Felt It! It's supposed to be a placemat with several swirls of color. But when my Mom made the pattern, she discovered it makes a better bowl than placemat. I thought it'd work well as a Yin-Yang bowl, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I may make more.

Yesterday I promised more pictures from our travels. Rather than clog the blog, I put them up as a couple of photo sets on Flickr. Feel free to browse so you can view Voodoo Doughnuts, a chocolate stash (did I tell you I found a source in Portland for Curly Wurlies??), and more.

Ruthie spent the last few days at the kennel, so when we picked her up this morning she had that kennel smell. Plus she'd spent a lot of time playing in water and she was looking bedraggled. It hit 109 degrees here today, and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a dog wash. Ruthie usually isn't too thrilled about baths, but today she didn't even bother with a token struggle. Hose water feels good when it's this hot!

Now Ruthie is still slightly damp and she smells like baby powder-scented shampoo. Thing 1 and I quite enjoyed the process too, and we jumped in the pool afterward.

Finally, Mim has tagged me, so here are 8 random things about me: 1) I have a scar on my right index finger due to a run-in with a meat slicer at a pizza place I worked at in college; 2) I also have a small scar on my left arm from a hot french-fry basket at my first job, McDonald's; 3) I like to write short stories and would love to have one published someday; 4) Also in college, I once earned money spending a weekend scooping poop at a dog show; 5) I have a reputation in my family for bringing up yucky conversation topics--bugs, blood, dead bodies, etc.--during meals; 6) I got a D in calculus my senior year in high school; 7) In law school, I won an award for having the highest grade in my class in my Wills & Trusts course, of all classes; and 8) I really want to take a glass fusing class.
Rather than tagging any specific people, I tag everyone who reads this!


Crowzma said...

Before it was felted, it looked like a really big hat. After it was felted, I thought I was looking at a sleeping skunk -- then I saw it more clearly. Cool bowl.

Cool Ruthie, too. Does she felt?

Kelly said...

I think it looks great as a bowl too! Ruthie looks like she's nice and refreshed.

Emily said...

How about putting felted fruit in the bowl?

Mim said...

A scooping poop job gives one the chance to have a bench mark! My son cleaned the toilets at a gas station during high school.