08 July 2007


Okay, let's say there's a woman who owns 1000 yards of brick red lace-weight cashmere/merino, which she stores in the bottom bin of her yarn organizer. And let's say this woman also has an 18-year-old cat, who, while otherwise quite healthy and spry, occasionally has potty-related senior moments. And let's further suppose that the woman goes away on vacation for 2 weeks, and the cat is perhaps a bit put out by her prolonged absence. Finally, let's suppose that in the woman's absence, the cat decides to use the 1000 yards of cashmere/merino as a very soft, very expensive litter box.

Does the woman:
  1. Attempt to salvage the yarn, which cost her $60 at Stitches West two years ago? or
  2. Sigh sadly, chalk this up as a Lesson Learned, and dump the yarn in the trash?

Speaking hypothetically, of course.


Leanne said...

Hypothetically, ouch. With a dash of yuck. I'd probably try soaking it in some wool wash, hanging the skein up to dry and check for a smell once it's dry. I really don't know if it will come out, but it's worth a try.

Lauren said...

Well, the smell will likely not come out, but your best bet is probably washing it and then hanging it outside to dry.

I'm so sorry :(

Genny said...

Oh, I feel your pain having had some kitties with potty-related problems. You could always try soaking the yarn in Odor Mute and then washing it with soap, adding more Odor Mute and maybe some OxyClean for good measure?

Knatolee said...

I laughed, I cried, I felt your pain. Speaking as someone who owns a cat that for a couple of years did her best to pee on every conceivable surface in the house (including the toast, stove, and my camera), let me say:


It WILL get the stink out if you follow the package directions. In fact, my cat PEED on a sweater I was KNITTING, and I saved it with ODORMUTE. And no, I don't own shares in the company. :)

Knatolee said...

Oops. THat was supposed to be "toaster", not "toast"!

Crowzma said...

Ick ick ick - OdorMute will most likely save the odor issue - what it might do to the dye is another matter. Give it a try, and hang it to dry in the sunlight, which, in and of itself, is a fairly effective deodorizer. Good luck! Take the cat next time you go away, and leave the Things home instead.