24 July 2007

Harry Potter, the Yarn, and the Pond

I'd preordered the new Harry Potter book and it arrived Saturday afternoon, but I was teaching a weekend class. I wasn't allowed to crack the book until yesterday, after I'd graded everything and handed in my grades. In the meantime, I hid the book from Thing 1 so she wouldn't read it and tell me what happens. Once my grades were in I dove into the book obsessively, and I just finished it. Now T1 can have it.

I haven't completely neglected the rest of the world for 48 hours, however. For example, today I attempted to rescue the cashmere/merino that Furgie had used as a litter box. I soaked it in OdorMute and then left it outside to dry. It was in the mid-90's today--good aerating weather, I suppose. I dunno if my attempts have worked. The smell is gone, but the yarn is drying rather stiff:

Well, we'll see when it's completely dry if it's useable.

I also took T1 to my campus today with a bag full of bread. The ducks, of course, were very shy in claiming their share:

Several of them came over to check me out while I was taking pictures, and one stood on my foot. We have mostly mallards and mallard/domestic crosses on campus, but this spring they were joined by a gorgeous little wood duck:

There was a mallard with babies, but she was warier, and didn't get close enough for pictures.

This pond is one of several on campus, and it's right next to my office building. It's very pretty. It even has a little bridge leading to a small island with picnic benches. T1 and I were on the island in these pictures. I don't know what the grounds crew puts in the pond that turns it such an unnatural green color, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem to bother the critters. In addition to the ducks, this particular pond is also home to a couple of red-eared sliders, both of whom are also fond of bread.

There are also innumerable tiny fish, and they create minature feeding frenzies over thrown bread. If you click on this picture, you might be able to see them clustered around the floating lavash:

At least one larger fish lives here, too. I haven't been able to get a really clear look at it or a picture, but it will ocassionally lunge out of the water to snatch some bread. It's at least a foot long and sort of muddy colored.

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Knatolee said...

What a beautiful pond (and cute Thing!) And how lucky you saw a wood duck!!!