18 July 2007

New hobby, new toy, new tires

Okay, so it's not like I needed another hobby. But I have nearly two decades worth of pictures tossed into envelopes and shoe boxes and strewn onto CDs and my hard rive. It's time to bring some order to this chaos. So I've begun a scrapbook of February's Disneyworld trip. At the current rate, I'll have all our pictures in scrapbooks by about the year 3000. But they will be more fun to look at than they are now.

Today I acquired a nearly-new Macintosh in my office due to a colleague's retirement. I actually do most of my work on PCs, but I have an ancient Mac in my office that's been limping along as a web server. And I've been totally lusting after newer Macs, with their sleek and sexy monitors and lack of separate towers. So I'm very happy with my new toy, and, with the help of our extremely "helpful" IT office, the new Mac and server ought to be running right also by the year 3000. But in the meantime, at least the Mac looks pretty in my office.

Thing 1 is attending gymnastics camp this week, which requires me to make twice-daily trips to the gym, 20 miles away. On Monday morning we passed 5 cars with flat tires, and I joked that it was National Flat Tire Day. "I'm glad we're not celebrating!" I joked.

Hah hah.

Apparently, it's actually National Flat Tire Week, and I am too celebrating. As I was on my way to pick up Thing 1 this afternoon my tire suddenly blew. Luckily: a) I hadn't yet got onto the freeway; b) my car handles really beautifully, even with a sudden flat; c) it was quite pleasant out today, so I didn't broil while waiting for AAA to arrive; and d) my tires were about due for replacement anyway. A sharp metal bolt was the culprit, and the tire is toast. Hubby had to leave work early to pick T1 up, but we did all get home safely. Now, don't you go celebrate too!

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Knatolee said...


Mine is three years old now and I wanna new one too.

And sympathies about the tire! We had a screw removed from our tire a few weeks back but luckily we only ever had a slow leak.