11 August 2007

End of summer adventures

My Mom is visiting this week, and we're having fun making some trips around the area. Thursday we took the Things to Gilroy Gardens, a nice amusement park a couple of hours from here. The rides are all pretty tame, and they have agricultural themes. In this picture, the Things are enjoying the artichoke ride.

Wednesday, Mom and I took an hour's drive to Sonora, a goldrush town in the Sierra foothills. There's a friendly yarn store there called By Hand Yarn. It's in a beautiful old building that was once a pharmacy. I'd been there several times before. This time, I was discussing yarn addictions with the woman there when she pointed out the word set in the pavement outside the door (I'd never noticed the word before). It said, "DRUGS." How appropriate! I came home with some of Regia's new Kaffe Fassett sock yarn. I'm not exactly desperately in need of more yarn, but I couldn't resist these colorways. I also picked up Interweave's Felt magazine.


Sharon, in San Francisco said...

I thought of you today when I stopped into ImagineKnit (or however it's spelled...the place on 18th st in SF, down the street from my house!). It's amazing to me, all the yarn that they have. I might look into a beginners knitting class for the fall. It would be fun to make some simple things.

Kelly said...

Looks like the girls had a good time. Sounds like really cool amusement park.

That Kaffe Fassett sock yarn looks beautiful. I can see why you bought some.