05 August 2007


I hardly ever post pictures of Furgie here, so here's one I took today. She's pretty deaf--she turned 18 in March--so I was able to sneak up on her while she napped. I got Furgie at the animal shelter in Lincoln, Nebraska in July of 1989. She was just a tiny kitten. My best guess is that she's a tabby/Siamese mix (she has stunning violet eyes, which of course you can't see in this shot). She's named neither after the princess nor the singer, but rather her full name is Furgood Marshall. I name most of my pets after Supreme Court Justices. Furgie has always been rather, um, pudgy. But I've long since stopped trying to slim her down. I figure a little extra weight's probably a good thing for a senior kitty. When Furgie was young she liked to play fetch with the plastic rings from milk carton lids. We'd find them all over the house, including in the bed, under the sheets. Now, she mostly naps and cuddles. And meows loudly at me in the middle of the night. She didn't much care for the Things when they were tiny, but now she and Thing 1 are good pals (she tolerates T2). She has the world's softest tummy, which she loves to get rubbed. She occasionally has a senior moment now and pees somewhere inappropriate--like that casmere/merino yarn, which I could not salvage and had to throw away--but I figure that's a small price to pay after all these years of companionship.


Sharon, in San Francisco said...

What a lovely tribute to Fergie. I love that you name your pets after Supreme Court Justices!

Marcellus and Phoebe, my new, 10 year old Maine Coon mixes both admire the rings on Fergies' tail! They think the rings make her look very sophicated!

KarmasKreations said...

Wow, she looks really good! Most kitties that age who come into the vet clinic look like skeletons.

Knatolee said...

I'm with Sharon. I love the naming procedure for your pets!! Furgie is beautiful. My Zoe is also pleasingly plump and I have pretty well given up on the diets. She turns 10 next month.

Furgie is a good girl, enduring the Things' younger years. :)

On a different topic, I am in Nova Scotia and this is where I was yesterday:


You'll have to cut and paste that into your browser. Yes, I bought wool. And they had two-week-old Dorset lambs. ADORABLE!

Robin's Reports said...

Awww Phyllis, she's beautiful. Like you, I think the weight is a good sign at this age.

My last memories of Justin were of him as a skeleton w/ fur. Ok, I have to stop. I'm sentimental for my heavenly furball.