19 August 2007

Various weekend doings

When my Mom was here last week, we went to one of those ceramics painting places. I was able to pick up the finished pieces yesterday.

From left to right, that's my Mom's cupcake box, the football box Thing 1 made for Hubby, Thing 2's castle box, and my butter dish. The ladybug was a joint T1/T2 collaboration.

Yesterday we also attended Modesto's Art and Wine Festival. They had lots of kids' activities. T1 and T2 had a blast trying out a saxophone and tambourine, respectively, and building houses out of clay.

And I'm very happy because today I finally finished the scrapbook of our February trip to Florida. It took forever, but I'm extremely pleased with the results. Now, which of our 19 years worth of photos should I tackle next?

1 comment:

cecily said...

i LOVE painting pottery at those places. there's something really therapeutic about it...
~your sp11 hostess