22 August 2007

Stuff and nonsense

I have several things for today's post.

First off, in case you didn't know this already, Knatolee ROCKS! Not only did she address my tragic yarn shortage by sending me some beautiful yarn, but it's exactly the colorway I would've picked, had I been lucky enough to be wandering around sheep farms in Nova Scotia. And the yarn smells like warm sheep (it's 100 degrees out and it's been locked in my mailbox all day) and vinegar, in a totally, totally good way. Thank you Knatolee!!

Second, Thing 1 began 3rd grade on Monday. Much rejoicing was made. Her school is brand new, which is pretty cool. And today she announced to me that Wednesdays are sharing days, and that today someone brought goldfish and someone else brought a dog, so can she bring Ruthie next week? I can think of few things in this world Ruthie would rather do than be shared with a classroom full of kids, so we'll see if we can manage it next week.

Third, I've been working really, really hard to try to meet a writing deadline of next Friday. So today I was typing away at work, when an airplane started buzzing around. It was trailing a sign advertising this guy, who's going to be doing some sort of thing on campus this weekend. Like it's not enough that they've torn up the ampitheater erecting bleachers, or that there are signs on every streetcorner, or that they've put bumper stickers on every frigging minivan in town. Nope, they've got to distract me with low-flying aircraft now.

Fourth, I saw a link to this video on Neatorama. I've never heard of Anita Renfroe before, but this clip is great!

Finally, you probably know about these folks already, but if not, check out afghans for Afghans. The deadline to get them stuff for the current campaign is October 12 (Oct. 1 for Canadians). I've got a hat already finished, and I'm currently working on a pair of socks. I'm going to try to get at least 1 more hat and maybe a vest done.


Knatolee said...

My pleasure to save you from the tragedy of a yarn shortage. My dream is that one day I will send you yarn that came from my sheep, spun and dyed by me!

And school starts in AUGUST in California??!!!

dephal said...

Actually, some of the grade schools around here, which are on year-round schedules, begin right after the 4th of July. But yes, the ones with traditional schedules begin in mid-August. You have no idea how sweaty and grimy a kid can be who's spent recess and PE in 100 degree temps.