19 August 2007

Finally, a knitted FO

I bought this scarf kit at Stitches this year, and I've been working on the scarf for a while now. I finally finished the thing tonight. The yarn is Bouton d'Or Songe, and those are a zillion clear glass beads. I like the completed scarf, but I don't think I'd recommend the kit for several reasons:

  1. 1. The kit came with only one ball of yarn, which would've made the scarf too short. I had to shell out $15 for another ball (there were, however, plenty of beads).
  2. The yarn has mohair in it. This means the beads were hard to slide as I worked, and little fluffs of fiber ended up all over me and my surrounding area.
  3. Both balls of yarn had knots in them. In the first ball, the knot was buried deep inside, meaning I had to restring a lot of beads when I discovered it. I was not happy. Fortunately, the knot in the second ball was visible before I strung any beads.
  4. It was pretty boring knitting: Ten million rows of seed stitch, with 3 beads placed per row. Which meant it was boring and slow.

Anyway, the scarf is very pretty and elegant. Now I have to find an opera or something to wear it to.

And am I on roll this weekend for completed projects or what?? Remind me of that as I write almost an entire chapter that's due September 1.

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