14 August 2007

Some of us are green with envy that Sharon can just pop into her local yarn store--which happens to be the wonderful ImagiKnit--even though she doesn't even knit (yet!). Then I suppose she just strolls over to Samovar Tea Lounge for snacks and tea. Lucky Sharon!!

My Mom, Thing 1, and I went to Berkeley on Sunday. We headed over to Solano Ave., one of my favorite neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the Himalayan restaurant, which I've been wanting to try, was closed for lunch. But it's not like there's no place else to eat in the neighborhood, so we survived. We went to Stash, one of my fave yarn shops. Do I need more yarn? Not exactly. Does that stop me? Of course not! Later, we headed to Berkeley Hort, a fabulous nursery.

I think T1 is coming along quite nicely. First she insisted on buying some yarn at Stash. Not even 8 and she already has her own yarn stash! Then she begged for a goldfish plant at the nursery. As we were driving home, she said, "Mom? Can we please go to that nursery again?" Yep. Quite nicely.

Of course, T2 could use some early training, too. So here's what we did with her last night:

My Mom's back home tonight, T1 begins 3rd grade on Monday, and I really have to write the chapter that's due to September 1. I guess summer's pretty much over.


Sharon, in Sunny San Francisco said...

LOL! I do live in the right part of town! Having been out of work since May, I haven't been able to enjoy it much though...except for the weather! Can't beat the weather in the Mission!

Kim said...

Great start, getting T1 addicted to yarn! I'm also jealous of my brethren who live in the Bay Area. My SIL works just around the corner from ArtFibers... which was really nice, around my birthday....