19 April 2006


This week is my spring "vacation". Why the quotation marks? because Thing 2 also has the week off, so I'm spending much of my time entertaining a 3-year-old. Yesterday, in between trips to the potty and dropping off Thing 1 and playhouse annex construction and lunch-making and snack-making and searching for Spongebob on tv and getting the car fixed and going shopping and picking up Thing 1 and homework assistance and outdoor supervision and more shopping and laundry doing and packing and bathing and tucking in...I had 72 essays to grade. Today's schedule includes a dentist appointment for Thing 1, dropping off Ruthie at the kennel, open house at Thing 1's school, and an ACLU meeting, plus more packing (packing for young children is much like preparing for an expedition to the moon). Tomorrow we head for LA, where I have a conference, and where the entire family is tagging along for theme park/museum fun. I guess I can rest...hmmm....in June.

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