25 April 2006

More Ornithology

I'm on a posting binge today! I've had some lanterns hanging on my side patio for a couple of years. One of them recently fell down (miraculously not breaking), and hubby placed it on the patio table. I happened to look at it today. Here's what I found:

Obviously, somebody (probably finches) had built themselves a nice little home in the lantern. Here's what the inside of the nest looks like:
The outside is woven of grass and weeds, and the inside is lined with bits of paper and a red thread, and, in the very center, tufts of nice, soft Ruthie fur! This is just about the sweetest thing evcer, and I'm glad there were no eggs yet when the lantern blew down.


Andréa Denninger said...

Will you be hanging the lamp and the nest back up so they can use it? That's so sweet - our birds don't like April, Cari & Rico's haire much.

Knatolee said...

Awwwww, what a lovely, cozy nest! :) Too bad it blew down!

dephal said...

I don't think the birds will move back in, because the nest had been down for several days when I discovered it. But yes, we will rehang just in case.

And Andrea, if you'd like some Ruthie fur for your local birds, that's easily arranged--Ruthie's blowing coat right now and there's plenty to go around! :-)