29 April 2006

Thing 2 Visits See's Candies

After I got the chocolate scraped off her skin and she changed her outfit to something less chocolate-dipped, we went to Purls & Girls, our local yarn store. No, this isn't the promised birthday yarn shopping trip; I just needed a specific item. Thing 2 was very excited to be going to a yarn store, and when we arrived, she happily pointed out to me her favorites. Then she plopped herself down on a chair and announced, "I want to knit!" Alas, her manual dexterity isn't quite there yet, but it certainly bodes well for the future. And she was mollified by my permission to leaf through pattern books, as well as the (very nice) store employee's attention to her. After I made my purchase, we visited the Hawaiian store 2 doors down, where she scored a plastic lei and a dolphin book, and I got a jar of guava jam. The people there were really nice, too--they tried to teach Thing 2 to say aloha and mahalo.


Robin's Reports said...

I love pictures like these! Did Ruthie help her out with the bath?

That bird nest in your light was neat. I wonder if they will come back to it next year.

dephal said...

I'm sure Ruthie would have *loved* to ehlp with clean-up this time! But poor Ruthie--I got to Thing 2 first.

As for the nest, I think it's recently made, and I hope they've made another nearby. We do have a lot of finches and sparrows hanging around this spring, thanks to the birdfeeder Thing 2 made at preschool.

Knatolee said...

Ooooh! SOunds like you two girls had a perfect day. And imagine, a Hawaiian shop... things you don't see in Canuckistan!

PS Posted a new robin baby pic on my blog today. Go look!

dephal said...

Actually, the Hawaiian shop is surprisingly exotic for our town. But if you want a muu-muu, I know where you can score one!

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