22 April 2006

No Yarn Store, Alas

I did not make it to Unwind today, which is frustrating because it's only a mile or two away. Instead, we took the Things to the LA County Natural History Museum, where much fun was had amidst the dinosaurs, bugs, etc. There was a brief fiber moment: in the Bog People exhibit (which also features some cool info on forensic anthropolgy, which I find fascinating) there were 2 balls of 3000 year old yarn. Somehow it's comforting to think that maybe several thousand years from now, some future archeaologist will unearth my stash, which will then appear in a museum. I wonder what they might conclude from this? "Some 21st century North Americans had an obsession with stockpiling various fibers. This may have been some form of idolatry." The Bog People exhibit also showed a nifty ancient gadget for creating complicated weavings.


Knatolee said...

I can't imagine what my stash will say about me. Not only do I have balls of yarn, but I have cut-up wool skirts for rug-hooking!!

Interesting, aren't we? :)

dephal said...

Yes, but interesting in a *good* way!