02 April 2006

Furry Footwarmers

The slippers that Ruthie was modeling in my last post have now been felted. I like how they turned out, and they were a nice, quick project. They're too big for my size 5 1/2 feet, but then I'm more of a barefoot type anyway. These will be going to a relative who has larger feet than I, and who will appreciate the color, I think.


Knatolee said...

You have SIZE 5-1/2 feet??!?!?! I am jealous!! (I'm size 10, sometimes bigger.)

Love the footwarmers though. You could polish the floor with those babies!

Knatolee said...

Bw, did you unotice that my hubby actually commented on your nutshell diaries entry?! He never does that!

dephal said...

Remember, I'm Vertically Challenged. I'm sure your feet look delightful on you, but on me they'd look like clown feet.

And yes, I did notice. I'm honored!

Knatolee said...

Well, I'm 5'7" but they still look like clown feet to me at times!! :)