28 April 2006

Friday Stuff

From AP this morning, an article containing the following quote:

"I think people who want to be citizens of this country ought to learn
English," Bush said.
Sadly ironic, considering El Presidente's masterful command of his native tongue.

Bush also stated that immigrants should learn to sing the national anthem in English. I dunno about you, but I'm third-generation American, and I couldn't sing that song if you put a gun to my head (in English or otherwise).


Life has been so godawfully busy lately that I haven't even picked up my needles in nearly 2 weeks. This makes me sad. Instead, I've been stumbling around from one obligation to another, and then falling into bed for a few hours. And things will probably not let up appreciably until the semester ends a month from now. But one of my birthday presents from hubby was a promise that I could have a kid-free afternoon to go yarn shopping. And yes, my birthday was over a month ago, but I haven't had the chance to redeem yet. But I may try to grab an opportunity tomorrow, which brings up a delightful problem: Which one to visit?? I have all the yarn stores of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valleys and the San Francisco Bay Area to choose from. Which one should it be?

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Knatolee said...

Our anthem has always been available in your choice of French or English. :) I used to know it in French too. Alas, no more!