06 April 2006

Famous Last Words, Etc.

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"Nice doggy."

Last night I was knitting away at a fair aisle pattern while watching Brokeback Mountain. Hubby glanced over and asked, "Why are you twisting those yarns around like that?" Other than "How much did you spend on yarn?" I do believe that's the only question he has ever asked about knitting. And maybe it's because he really was curious, or maybe it's because he knows I've had a goddamn *&^% week, or maybe he just wasn't entranced by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal making out, but he then sat patiently and listened to a short dissertation on single color knitting v. fair aisle v. intarsia.


Lauren and Bodhi said...

isn't it wonderful when they finally wake up and pay attention?

I'm still waiting for my husband to ask such an insightful question (although he looked like he might spit something out when he watched me turn the heel of a sock).

I'm enjoying reading your blog, and enchanted that I've added another canine-l-er to my knitting blogger list.

-Lauren (and Bodhi RunsWithYarn)

Knatolee said...

Way to go, hubby-man!!! You picked the right night to act all interested.

dephal said...

Thanks for visiting, Lauren! Love the Bodhi pix on your blog. You know, everytime I see Bodhi's name, it reminds me of the knitting author Cat Bordhi! I guess it's Cat Bordhi but Dog Bodhi.

And yes, Knat, hubby scored points this time.