10 April 2006

Monday Miscellany

Knitta goes around "tagging" with their knitting. They knit cozies for things like stop signs and car antennae.

Erika knitted a sweater for the tree outside her house.

10 Plagues finger puppets, to go with the stuffed toys. And if you're not Jewish? Hindu finger puppets. Or nuns. For secular types, you can choose from various scientists, philosophers, and artists (they're magnetic, too--I have Jung and Freud on my office wall). I like to imagine the conversations you could stage between these puppets, such as, say, Kafka and Poe:
Poe: What's that? It's the sound of his heart...
Kafka: ...which has turned into a cockroach!!


Knatolee said...

I love the brick on the Great Wall of China!

dephal said...

Me too!