22 August 2006


I was once phobic about bees and wasps. I've overcome that phobia, and in fact I even enjoy visits to my garden by honeybees and humungobees. I'm less enthusiastic about wasps, although a couple weeks ago I happened to witness a paper wasp eating a spider egg sac only a few inches away from me (I was on the other side of a window) and that was pretty cool. But I have no place in my heart for yellowjackets. Just a couple weeks ago, one stung me on my leg for absolutely no reason. I didn't even see it until it was stinging me. So this just gives me major heebie jeebies. Check out the photo--it's like something from a horror movie.

And speaking of horrors, People For the American Way has launched a new blog that keeps us udpated on the right wing's latest shenanigans.

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