22 August 2006


I have been busy! I have finished a mystery project:

And one sock:

And all that activity has just exhausted Ruthie:

A while back I complained that I had postcards on my wall from 4 continents, but not Australia, Africa, or Antarctica. Well, look what Nathalie in Cairns sent me! Thanks, Nathalie!! That's so cool! Only 2 continents left. Do they even have postcards in Antarctica?


Kelly said...

Your sock looks great! I really like those colors. Ruthie is so sweet!

dephal said...

Thanks, Kelly! It's a really simple, basic pattern, but I do love the colorway. And the yarn feels great, too--it has jojoba and aloe in it!

And yes, Ruthie is a sweet baby. Too bad she can't meet Gabby and Sawyer!